Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Simon attempting to 'act'

Guess who this is:

Yes, that's right. It's me, being a tit!

A rather amusing (near) end to the year at work. This week is finally a little bit quieter than the last few, so I've had time to do some more interesting stuff and start to get everything back ship-shape.

Nearly Christmas woo!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My God, it's full of December!

I'm not entirely sure how it got to be December - I'm sure it was only October a couple of months ago.

It's been an extremely busy few months for me, with work going utterly nuts due to our Christmas deals, two entirely new products (PhotoKey and VideoWrap) and brand new 1.5 versions of the Lab stuff. It all seems to have gone down extremely well with the punters, which is spiffy.

Outside of work it's also been a bit hectic. Last weekend, for example, I popped down to London to have dinner at the Houses of Parliament. Bit posh, eh? It was thanks to my Dad inviting me to join him for the annual Churchill Fellows' dinner, and an excellent time was had by both of us. Good food, excellent speeches from the likes of David Owen and, of course, the astounding building, which I'd never seen in close-up, let alone been inside. Hugely impressive, and I have to say it did restore a little bit of confidence in the UK's governmental system. Not so much in the current government, mind you, given their repeated data cock-ups recently...

On Monday I piled all the FXhome greenscreen equipment and the HVX into the car and moved it down to the Norwich Arts Centre, where I was supervising a visual effects shoot with Axis of Evil Productions for their next play. As with the previous Coalition gig, which was accompanied by the brilliant (and rather popular) Get Lost, the live on-stage antics this time are being interluded with some more modern TV spoofery. I don't want to give too much away, but I will say that seeing Andy dressed up in a green lycra suit, straddling Will while whipping his shirt up and down frantically was a rather remarkable sight. The shots we got should turn out pretty awesome, I hope - going through the material on Friday with Tom.

Lots of other bits and pieces on the go, too, but they're far too top secret to divulge just yet.

Right, time for a spot of frivolity.