Monday, April 21, 2008

Evinden update

Time for an update on Evinden, I think.

Current word count: 77,905
Current page count: 221

Start date for project: 11 April 2001, allegedly. This is the oldest file I have archived on the computer relating to the project - a file called 'Ideas.doc'.

Rather terrifyingly, that means I've been working on this damned book for seven bastard years. Seven! That's quite clearly utterly ridiculous - there are children out there whose entire lives encompass seven years, and yet I've somehow managed to take seven years to write a book; in fact, to write half of a book, it's nowhere near finished yet.

One thing's for certain: if Evinden turns out well and I write more books, I dearly hope that they prove to be rather less ponderous in their creation. Of course, Evinden went through a bit of a funny early development in that it was originally to be a screenplay and had an entirely different structure, before before restructured in (I think) 2004 as a novel.

Still, with James providing spiffy feedback and a few select other people having read and enjoyed the book, I'm rather more spurred on to finish the damn thing than I ever have been before. The Eastercon 2008 convention also rather invigorated my writing spirit - I couldn't help but think this is where I want to be. Once I got used to the lingering nerd smells and the Klingon guy, anyway.

Reading over this Ideas.doc file is really quite enlightening, reminding me of where I was coming from in the first place. While it's changed vastly and become infinitely more detailed, some of the early notes make for an amusing list of "Fantasy Clich├ęs 101". This was back in the days when I hadn't read any fantasy, and before Fellowship of the Ring hit cinemas. A different age!

Check it out:

Basic ideas/concepts

  • Magic
  • Sword-fighting
  • Flying (flying characters, or flying vehicles?)
  • Hero’s Journey
  • Epic
  • Huge, towering cities
  • Demonic creatures
  • - invasion?
  • Dark/light? How ‘serious’ are we getting?
  • Mythology
  • History
  • Flawed characters
  • Characters have past connections
  • One character appearing to several, drawing them together?
  • - Mentor/wizard character?
  • Must protect somebody?
  • - on a journey?
  • - both physical and mental?
  • - Extending swords?
  • - must have!
  • - huge variety of extending cool weaponry!!!!!!!!
  • - Girl from above rescues Cut from work?
  • - City perched atop clouds (hidden)
  • - Waterfalls!
  • - Cut can save his people from the tyranny of the Telladors.
Not a particularly auspicious start.

I'm really not sure what I was thinking calling the lead character 'Cut'. I mean, there's no way a typo could have made that one embarassing, eh?

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